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CALICO, a Brussels innovative housing project awarded by Europe

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The CALICO project proposed by Brussels Housing is one of the 22 winners selected on 10th October 2018 among 184 projects submitted as part of the European "Urban Innovative Actions" programme.

This European programme enables urban areas in Europe to test new and unproven solutions to address the urban challenges they face. The project, which will be carried out in collaboration with various Brussels partners, will benefit from a European grant of 5 million euros.

CALICO, which stands for 'CAre and LIving in COmmunity', will be built over the next two years in Forest. It will consist of 34 dwellings, divided into three clusters. All of these dwellings will be developed on a Community Land Trust land.  This will provide housing that is and will remain affordable.

CALICO aims to explore new forms of co-housing where solidarity between inhabitants is essential. Younger and older residents commit themselves to help and support each other.

CALICO is an intergenerational co-housing project. The cluster developed by the non-profit organisation Pass-ages will provide for birth and end-of-life facilities.

CALICO also pays the necessary attention to the aspect of "gender". For example, the cluster created by the association Angela D will focus on housing problems specific to women.

Construction of the buildings will be ready by the end of 2020.

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